4 important factors to consider when installing a rainwater tank

21 May 2020
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Rainwater tanks are useful for the storage and supply of water in both residential and commercial premises. However, most people mistakenly think that harvesting rainwater only requires having a tank in place. Rainwater tanks are the most important part of the system, but other components are also necessary to complete your setup. For example, you need to consider where to install your tank, how water will be collected and how cleansing of the supply will be carried out before such water is used in the home or business. Read More 

3 Useful Excavator Buckets for a Land Clearance Project

30 January 2020
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Excavators typically come with a regular digging bucket. While this bucket tackles lots of jobs when you're clearing overgrown land, other buckets are more useful for certain parts of a clearance project. Which other buckets might you find useful on this kind of job? 1. Rock Buckets The teeth on a standard excavator bucket can deal with some rocks and stones. However, if the land you're going to clear is very rocky, then you may struggle to dig everything out. Read More 

Three Simple Precautions for Keeping Your Tractor in Good Condition

29 January 2020
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If you have purchased a new tractor for your farm, you should plan for its regular upkeep. In general, these power vehicles are designed to perform well in adverse conditions and withstand constant stress. However, they are not completely resistant to damage or wear. If your tractor is neglected after acquisition, there will be gradual deterioration of components. Over time, the tractor might break down due to the degradation. Therefore, it is important to protect your investment and minimise operational downtime by conducting recommended maintenance. Read More 

How Making Your Dog Happy Starts With Their Diet

22 January 2020
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Becoming a pet owner is a much bigger responsibility than most people might realise at first glance. Sure, there are lots of fun things that you get to do, such as playing with your dog, taking them for walks, and treating them with toys and snacks. However, if you want your dog to have a happy and fulfilling life, there are also many hard things you have to do and research you must undertake to keep them in good spirits with a clean bill of health. Read More