Last update: Feb. 25, 2016

Let Loose and Go Ride!

That’s what this Rally is all about. We’ll let you loose on the roads of southeastern Ohio where you’ll go wild on roads that dip, curve and twist more times than you can count. Then after a hard day of riding you will loosen up and relax while you share the day’s adventures with fellow Harley enthusiast and listen to bands that go wild.

Attend the OH H.O.G. Rally and experience twisty curvy up and down rides during the day and the beat of the music as you listen to live entertainment each evening. Morgan’s Raiders roamed the area in days gone by, now you can roam the area and visit haunted tunnels and caves, look for images of ghosts on your pictures and hear the blast of the train whistle. Participate in the Panty Raid, bike games and other contests to win cash prizes. There is so much to do at the Ohio H.O.G. Rally you will go home exhausted, exhilarated, elated, ecstatic, excited, and euphoric!

This is the most fun filled rally you'll ever attend with LOTS of great riding! Check out the rest of the pages on the website for details of the rally including description of rides, lodging options, schedules and registration costs.

Join us for a weekend like no other weekend you've ever had!

Please check back often for updates.
Jun 23 - 25, 2016

Zanesville, OH

May 5, 2016